Mark’s Market Garden is an urban farm that grows and delivers fresh produce in North Portland. We convert lawn and patches of weeds in neighborhood yards into healthy, productive soil so we can grow seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers.

We offer:

  • Order online and get free delivery of seasonal vegetables, herbs, and flowers
  • Produce grown without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers
  • Bike-driven transportation for farming and deliveries
  • Growing in front, back and side yards right here in North Portland

We will be at the St. John’s Farmer’s Market every Saturday, 9am-2pm, from May 19th to October 27th.

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Why Buy From Us?

Mark’s Market Garden will deliver fresh produce grown in North Portland right to your door. Food grown and sold in the same neighborhood means it’s as fresh as possible. That means more nutrients, longer shelf-life, and better taste. We don’t need to pick vegetable varieties based on what will survive a thousand mile journey to sit on a shelf for a week before you buy it. That’s where woody spinach and tasteless tomatoes come from. Most produce travels for days over hundreds or thousands of miles before it is finally placed on the shelf to sit and get sprinkled with water to make it appear fresh. Fresher means less waste, both on the shelf and in your fridge.

More than half of all American produce is grown in California, including 95% of garlic, 85% of leaf lettuce, 71% of spinach, and 69% of carrots. The vast majority of tomatoes are grown in either California or Florida. This distance leads to complex and expensive distribution networks. Farmers must grow varieties that produce fruit or leaves that can survive the long journey at the cost of flavor and texture. Produce moves from farms to distributors, to wholesalers, and then to retailers, who finally deliver the product to the customer. For every $1 a customer spends on fresh produce, less than $0.30 finds its way back to the farmer.

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